Picture Research

January 20

One of the very best journeys my meandering career has taken me on was the opportunity and privilege to work on a documentary about Birmingham in 1963, Dr. King and The Childrens March. I had the opportunity to immerse myself fully and completely in history, photography and ephemera research, Birmingham, politics, Civil Rights and the legacy of Dr. King. Truly Mighty Times. I just found the piece up on Vimeo:https://vimeo.com/14858478 . Oh, it won an Academy Award too. Thank you Dr. King. Thank you to the brave children who faced down dogs, waterhoses and the evil face of Bull Connor’s racism . May we never forget.

Research and Clearances

Research and Clearances

Photo/Footage/Document and Ephemera research and clearances is truly one of the most satisfying and engaging parts of NEAT. We welcome the emails that start with, “I saw this picture last month…in that magazine. You know which one I mean, right?” Playing detective to source obscure imagery always uncovers new photographers and arcane and interesting collections.

Once upon a time, we would comb through stacks in libraries and we do still get to do that occasionally with great enthusiasm, but more oft than not, we are on the interwebs. One of the best kept secrets around is the megasearch system PACASEARCH. With one keystroke a researcher can get search results from dozens of  sources. Its invaluable. While working on an indie Zombie film, we got to search through the archives at UNM and found this archival photo collection of Route 66.

A recent favorite is Liam’s Pictures from Old Books. A collector of old books in the Public Domain, Liam has scanned and made available some wonderful woodcuts and engravings. We obtained permissions from him for usage of the image here. If you do find something useful on his site or any of the other Public Domain sites out there, please do consider a donation to keep these valuable sites going.

Beautiful Again

One of our very favorite artists, J.T.Burke has been on the road with his new show, Beautiful Again. First Barcelona, then Blighty and next week in Santa Barbara at the Brooks Institute’s Gallery 27.

NEAT was delighted to work on the show catalog, providing picture research and clearances. Take a look at the work and enjoy a different kind of ‘upcycling’!