Of Silent Auctions, Saturday Nights and the Gulf of Mexico

I will bet that on Saturday, October 23rd throughout the course of the day, we will all spend $25.00 on entertainment, dining, holiday shopping (uh, yes…its getting to be that time of year…). In view of this, NEAT has a suggestion:

This is the only place  we can think of where your 25 bucks will provide an evening with amazing food, drink, the opportunity to bid on an amazing array of goodies (Need a new flatscreen tv? How about a site from livebooks? career coaching? Gorgeous prints from acclaimed photographers?) with all proceeds going to support the NWF and their work in the Gulf Cleanup.

You can get your tickets and more info at the ASPP site. You can still donate items too. You just can’t bid against me, I mean NEAT.


(c) Sheridan Stancliff

Planting Strawberries for an urban garden shoot with Sheridan . Our research uncovered lore about the only fruit with seeds on the outside (!).

Legend says that if you break the strawberry in half and share it, you will soon fall in love with each other. Hmmm….

Rhymes With Orange

The color orange is a power color – invoking creativity, enthusiasm, vitality and the warmth of the sun. We like this analogy and see an invitation to explore in this image from a recent Moxie Productions shoot.

Picturing Food

NEAT loves Zocalo Public Square. We joined our friends last week for an accompanying lecture at the Getty in conjunction with the In Focus: Tasteful Pictures. What a treat to see Evan Kleiman, Maite Gomez-Rejón, Charlie Grosso and Darra Goldstein on a panel together talking with a rapt audience about our obsession with Food Photography.  Is this why we are thinking dinner parties lately?

(c)Zocalo Public Square. NEAT is joined by Peter Bohler, Kim Phipps and Simon Herbert.