Delighted to be asked to write about curating for DeviantArt : I have long struggled with the title of curator for the work that was formerly done by photo editors:

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Nonetheless, it is great fun and wonderfully inspiring to get to work with the wonderful photographers and artists at DeviantArt.

New Work

Casting/producing for deviantART.

Byron Gamarro Photographer

Creative Commons

Clearing rights and understanding licensing is confusing at the best of times, but Creative Commons has added a complexity for researchers and creators alike. I needed some clarity for the blog I manage/edit for Visual Connections and Josh Wattles, IP Attorney delivered. I bookmarked this one: .

Dream project… no, I mean deviantART project

For a great deal of last year I was working on building a Microstock collection for deviantART to be distributed on Fotolia . It has been truly one of most engaging, visually compelling and diverse projects of my career. DeviantART is the world’s largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts. Created to entertain, inspire and empower artists and art lovers, deviantART features an extensive and evolving platform used to exhibit, promote and discover art and interact with members. After many initial meetings, and wrapping my head around the brief, I was able to enlist a dream team of techies, project managers and photo editors to build the infrastructure, dive deep into the talent on the site, and recruit the artists.The artists span the globe, and range from the very young, who have just discovered the voice that a camera can provide, to established photographers curious about stock.

The results of our labor launched this week. A collection that, if we did our job, will successfully illustrate stock concepts with a …well… slightly deviant slant.

Mad props to the team – Jim Hudak, Stephanie Fowler, Sheridan Stancliff and Brantlea Newbury, to deviantART for the opportunity and creative freedom; but, most of all, to the artists of deviantART.

If you have not dug in to explore all that deviantART has to offer, its worth a stroll…