Capturing Moments

Copy of Library_14-Child-Violin_4146

Working on a proper post about a lovely AMWAY library shoot we had the pleasure of producing for RocketScience. Had to share a sneak peak of this quiet elegant moment captured by @JeremyFrechette. One would never suspect the barely controlled chaos just outside the frame – with a dozen talent, a super dog, tons of crew in the heat of summer. Styled by El Miezal, HMUA Keri Ann Luevano.



Passion projects. Necessary. Satisfying and necessary. Proud to be part of this indie film made by my husband Simon Herbert and his partners Phil Guidry and David Whelan under their company ‘The Massive’. Blood sweat and tears – that is indie film making. Nights, weekends, shoestring budgets, the grace of friends and colleagues..Its taken scores of awards at indie festivals the last couple years, premiered at Comic-con and now being distributed as of now on VOD by Terror Films. Its got a message – a timely one. Did I say how proud I am of Si and all who worked on this? And how glad I am NEAT got to help? Check it out – Savageland:…/award-winning-savageland…/