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Creativity For A Cause

NEAT is preparing to cast talent who will donate their time and talents for the Compassionate Eye Foundation, a non-profit organization that allows creative people to produce stock photography whose sales through Getty Images benefit developing communities.  We were recently delighted to come across this image used by Citibank from the stock shoot at Air Hollywood, (starring ASPP’s National President Michael Masterson!) from last year’s Summer Solstice CEF photo shoot.

Interested in donating your modeling skills for a good cause? Drop us an email and we’ll send you details!

Summer Solstice – 2009

Compassionate Eye Shoot

(c)Tim Pannell for Compassionate Eye 2009

Summer Solstice – 2009

A good friend and colleague, Andrea Rosenfeld told us about the Compassionate Eye Foundation ( a month or so ago. She is one of the City Chapter Heads in Los Angeles and asked if we were interested in getting involved in the shoots. After quickly checking our schedules, we saw we were (pretty) available.

The month of June proved to be an exhaustive, exhilarating, challenging time, when we worked with tremendous talent to produce and create 7 complete stock photo shoots and a wrap party and a book and an A/V show – relying heavily on donations, volunteers, our phonebooks and the kindness of strangers. We were so pleased to be part of making pictures that will help build schools. There was an underlying joi de vivre permeating the experience and the experience of every participant. It is safe to say that this experience has helped form the genesis of NEAT Production.