“I only ever take one picture of one thing. Literally. Never two. So then that picture is taken and then the next one is waiting somewhere else.”

image © Eggleston Artistic Trust, (courtesy Cheim & Read, New York)

Looking forward to the docent led ASPP Tour of the Eggleston exhibit at LACMA on December 18th.

There may be a few spaces left…

Sign up here


Love any excuse to visit Bergamot Station and this is perfect:

Present An Evening Sponsored By
10 X 10 X 10

10 young (and relatively young) photographers
talk about 10 of their photographs
for 10 minutes each.

Yasmin Alishav
Elizabeth Sarah Barr
Jeff Dojillo
John Bennett Fitts
Ann Johansson
Ethan Pines
Jen Rosenstein
Dustin Snipes
Maggie West
Betsy Winchell

PDN 30 photographers, YPA mentee photographers, Eddie Adams Workshop graduates, and some just good photographers.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10.  7 PM, doors open at 5:30.

REGISTER HERE: http://asmpla20101110.eventbrite.com

Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave.,
Bldg. i
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Of Silent Auctions, Saturday Nights and the Gulf of Mexico

I will bet that on Saturday, October 23rd throughout the course of the day, we will all spend $25.00 on entertainment, dining, holiday shopping (uh, yes…its getting to be that time of year…). In view of this, NEAT has a suggestion:

This is the only place  we can think of where your 25 bucks will provide an evening with amazing food, drink, the opportunity to bid on an amazing array of goodies (Need a new flatscreen tv? How about a site from livebooks? career coaching? Gorgeous prints from acclaimed photographers?) with all proceeds going to support the NWF and their work in the Gulf Cleanup.

You can get your tickets and more info at the ASPP site. You can still donate items too. You just can’t bid against me, I mean NEAT.

Visual Connections

For image buyers and researchers, Visual Connections (formerly PictureHouse) is the one event created and tailored specifically for them providing a setting to meet with image suppliers from around the world providing an opportunity to find new sources and to meet one on one with long time vendors.

Last year, a ‘salon’ of informal educational sessions was introduced (produced by NEAT!) and received rave reviews.  Invited back to produce and create an even stronger program for 2010, we armed ourselves with surveys from last years attendees and have created what we believe to be the perfect complement to the expo.

Very pleased to announce the schedule for October 13, 2010: Seminars and Sessions at Visual Connections.

The day launches with a morning session with industry  Copyright expert Nancy Wolff and PACASearch, the days’ schedule includes a look at industry change and career overview with Picscout, a tutorial on the tools available on the net –  Digital Toolbox with ASPP, a panel on the rapidly morphing world of footage by Footage.info and a very special presentation created specifically for the Visual Connection by the ADC ; Photographs More Than Words.

This has been a valuable opportunity for NEAT to work with a wide variety of professionals within our industry to develop and create what we know to be a thought-provoking and relevant adjunct to the not-to-be missed Visual Connections.

Six Months On…

We got a great note today from the folks at PIH – wanted to share it and give a shout out to the ongoing work they are doing…After the media leaves, after the volunteers have to go back to their lives. Partners in Health are still working hard to rebuild – Take a look.

Dear Ellen and Barbara,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with Partners In Health on the 6-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake that ripped through Haiti.  PIH relies on communities of supporters, like yourself, to raise awareness about PIH and to continue to grow the global health and social justice movement.

Coordinating, setting up, and running a photo shoot is such a large undertaking and a truly unique fundraising idea. “Headshots for Haiti” sounds like it was a wonderful way for involving people from all walks of life in your community in a really fun, enjoyable experience while increasing awareness for an incredible cause. It’s really great to hear such success stories from supporters who are able to employ their passion into raising awareness. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication.


Ashley Ahlholm

Partners In Health

Hey, Ashley – Thank YOU and all at PIH!

Mr. Brown

So, everybody blogs and then blogs about everybody blogging, right? Well, kinda…

Do we really have that much to say that matters? That depends…

But this is really good and we are not saying that just because we know Mr. Brown personally.

Mr. Brown’s Blog

(c) Noe Montes


We first met Elizabeth Huston at the Rose Bowl, where we discovered her photography and her books, indulging our Gothic Southern selves with Sacred, an evocative and respectful collection of infrared imagery from New Orleans funerary grounds.

Elizabeth’s newest venture is a lovely new magazine (remember those?) celebrating creative photography: Photomonium. Issue 01 showcases the work of six artists and the pictures they make with their iPhones – iphoneography. The editing and layout has a distinct curatorial feel and is a delight to dip into on a summer afternoon.

Plus, she wins points for donating $1 from every copy to Oxfam, the sure sign of a NEAT darling. Can’t wait to see the next issue!

Telling a story

(c) Christina Gandolfo

Barnsdall proved a perfect setting for the story we set out to tell; longtime friends who find that they have seen each other in a different light. Produced and styled by NEAT, with stunning models, actors  Carrie Genzel and Mark Sherman interpreted by the talented Christina Gandolfo. Assisted by Stephanie Dunham and production support provided by Cody Bruner.

Mathieu Young goes walkabout

(c) Mathieu Young

Over the weekend, we went to see a location to consider for an upcoming event. We not only are  delighted with the space and the gracious welcome we were given by the owners, but we got to see a compelling show by photographer Mathieu Young.

Wry observations and strong compositions will have the viewer doing a double take.

For the next several weeks, the show can be seen during the week at Wildfire Post – 640 South San Vicente, Los Angeles, Ca., 90048.


(c) Sheridan Stancliff

Planting Strawberries for an urban garden shoot with Sheridan . Our research uncovered lore about the only fruit with seeds on the outside (!).

Legend says that if you break the strawberry in half and share it, you will soon fall in love with each other. Hmmm….