The Crack

Years ago, a friend gave me a copy of ‘The Crack, A Year in Belfast” by Sally Belfrage. With a strong and pure voice, Ms. Belfrage wrote about the ‘Troubles’ through interviews with women Protestant and Catholic who brought home the bleak horror of living in a war zone and the price exacted no matter where or how one prays. Those stories left me with a bitter taste in my mouth that has only worsened as the human race cries amnesia and repeats age old cycles

Today, my friend and colleague Julie Grahame, AKA ACurator( gave me a heads up on a project by photojournalist Marissa Roth, an upcoming show at the Museum of Tolerance that is the culmination of a decades long journey into war from the perspective of women round the world – from Cambodia to Northern Ireland to the USofA: One Person Crying: Women and War.

She needs a bit of help to finish mounting the exhibition, so give a sister a hand, huh?

Kickstarter is making it easy:

Thanks…oh and if you find a copy of ‘The Crack’, let me know, ok? I lent mine out years ago and its out of print. Would really like to revisit it.

Research and Clearances

Research and Clearances

Photo/Footage/Document and Ephemera research and clearances is truly one of the most satisfying and engaging parts of NEAT. We welcome the emails that start with, “I saw this picture last month…in that magazine. You know which one I mean, right?” Playing detective to source obscure imagery always uncovers new photographers and arcane and interesting collections.

Once upon a time, we would comb through stacks in libraries and we do still get to do that occasionally with great enthusiasm, but more oft than not, we are on the interwebs. One of the best kept secrets around is the megasearch system PACASEARCH. With one keystroke a researcher can get search results from dozens of  sources. Its invaluable. While working on an indie Zombie film, we got to search through the archives at UNM and found this archival photo collection of Route 66.

A recent favorite is Liam’s Pictures from Old Books. A collector of old books in the Public Domain, Liam has scanned and made available some wonderful woodcuts and engravings. We obtained permissions from him for usage of the image here. If you do find something useful on his site or any of the other Public Domain sites out there, please do consider a donation to keep these valuable sites going.

This just in: OJO Images takes the West by storm!

This just in: OJO Images takes the West by storm!

Mix up:

  • 50 models
  • 6 locations
  • vintage prop cars, surfboards, computers, conference tables and a long list of all the props you can think of
  • stunning wardrobe
  • gorgeous weather
  • 2 energetic, focused art directors armed with creative briefs
  • 2 mad talented photographers
  • the hardest working, most positive, can-do, innovative crew known to the Western world
  • 5 days

Add a bit of NEAT and the result is Stock that is definitely top drawer, unexpected and sure to spark the creative buyer for some time! See more here on the OJO site.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

NEAT had the opportunity recently to produce the Great Escape 2012 for British Vogue and H&M! Take a look here for the gorgeous images and a behind the scenes video.

Palm Springs was never so cinematic than as seen through photog Matt Hinds camera. Many thanks to NEAT partner in the Great Escape, fellow producer Alison Armstrong.

Oh those pearly sunrises over the desert landscape..

Dream project… no, I mean deviantART project

For a great deal of last year I was working on building a Microstock collection for deviantART to be distributed on Fotolia . It has been truly one of most engaging, visually compelling and diverse projects of my career. DeviantART is the world’s largest online community for artists and art enthusiasts. Created to entertain, inspire and empower artists and art lovers, deviantART features an extensive and evolving platform used to exhibit, promote and discover art and interact with members. After many initial meetings, and wrapping my head around the brief, I was able to enlist a dream team of techies, project managers and photo editors to build the infrastructure, dive deep into the talent on the site, and recruit the artists.The artists span the globe, and range from the very young, who have just discovered the voice that a camera can provide, to established photographers curious about stock.

The results of our labor launched this week. A collection that, if we did our job, will successfully illustrate stock concepts with a …well… slightly deviant slant.

Mad props to the team – Jim Hudak, Stephanie Fowler, Sheridan Stancliff and Brantlea Newbury, to deviantART for the opportunity and creative freedom; but, most of all, to the artists of deviantART.

If you have not dug in to explore all that deviantART has to offer, its worth a stroll…

Merry, Merry

Where is NEAT?

Phew – taking a break (obviously!) from regular updates as we are on a long term project keeping us pretty busy. Hope to blog about it in the Fall, but in the meantime, still working on some fun projects in our spare moments.

Hope to check out some of the great shows this summer we see, like Beauty Culture at the Annenberg and lusting after this book: Los Angeles Alleys

Back soon, we promise!

Persian POV

(c)Sheridan Stancliff

From an ongoing project focusing on Persian food and lifestyle. Styled by the amazing Robin Tucker, Shot by Sheridan Stancliff, concept, research and art-direction by NEAT.

Pomengrantates (c)Sheridan Stancliff

Pomengranates have a long history in mythology and much attributed with healing powers. Remember Persephone?

(c)Sheridan Stancliff

Rice delicately dyed with saffron.

Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Here at NEAT, we do try to keep the biz and personal somewhat apart, but every once in a while…
The Retinette is a blog primarily for Ellen’s MIL to showcase some of the hundreds of fantastic photos that her FIL took during his lifetime chronicling family life in England during the 50’s, 60’s and so on, but she will post about her own family occasionally and this one particular photo/story is worth noting – um…to be read while listening to Roseanne Cash and her version of ‘Tennessee Flat Top Box’: ‘Jack Russell’.

Happy New Year from NEAT!

We are starting 2011 with a brand spanking new site! Go ahead take a look around at everything shiny and new!
Our friend and advisor, the brilliant photographer Ken Kaminesky served as advisor and introduced us to the amazing talents of Nikola Lazarevic (not the least of which is patience!) who took our list of what we like and what need and performed magic!

So pleased to unveil an updated look at what NEAT can do as we dig into new projects. All the best to all for a fantastic New Year!