This just in: OJO Images takes the West by storm!

This just in: OJO Images takes the West by storm!

Mix up:

  • 50 models
  • 6 locations
  • vintage prop cars, surfboards, computers, conference tables and a long list of all the props you can think of
  • stunning wardrobe
  • gorgeous weather
  • 2 energetic, focused art directors armed with creative briefs
  • 2 mad talented photographers
  • the hardest working, most positive, can-do, innovative crew known to the Western world
  • 5 days

Add a bit of NEAT and the result is Stock that is definitely top drawer, unexpected and sure to spark the creative buyer for some time! See more here on the OJO site.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

NEAT had the opportunity recently to produce the Great Escape 2012 for British Vogue and H&M! Take a look here for the gorgeous images and a behind the scenes video.

Palm Springs was never so cinematic than as seen through photog Matt Hinds camera. Many thanks to NEAT partner in the Great Escape, fellow producer Alison Armstrong.

Oh those pearly sunrises over the desert landscape..

Telling a story

(c) Christina Gandolfo

Barnsdall proved a perfect setting for the story we set out to tell; longtime friends who find that they have seen each other in a different light. Produced and styled by NEAT, with stunning models, actors  Carrie Genzel and Mark Sherman interpreted by the talented Christina Gandolfo. Assisted by Stephanie Dunham and production support provided by Cody Bruner.

Mathieu Young goes walkabout

(c) Mathieu Young

Over the weekend, we went to see a location to consider for an upcoming event. We not only are  delighted with the space and the gracious welcome we were given by the owners, but we got to see a compelling show by photographer Mathieu Young.

Wry observations and strong compositions will have the viewer doing a double take.

For the next several weeks, the show can be seen during the week at Wildfire Post – 640 South San Vicente, Los Angeles, Ca., 90048.

The Voodoo that you do…

The VG Fall 10 Lookbook is out! NEATly  conceived and  produced, styled by Alicia Lawhon , shot by Jonas Lara.

Our guys look great, huh? Makes one think about Autumn..



from – paceline (plural pacelines)

A formation in which riders (esp. cycle racers) travel in a line one close behind the other in order to conserve energy by riding in the draft of the riders in front thus enabling the group to travel at a faster rate than any of the riders in the group could do alone.

Produced by NEAT for Alcatel-Lucent Ventures and Aerial Filmworks .

Location, location, location

Sunrise – 6:40. Coffee, country music, Little Tujunga.

Lunch – 2:30PM(we forgot to eat). Best veggie burgers ever in Moorpark.

Late Afternoon – Close to Sandstone Peak. All slightly carsick, but giddy with the view.

Sunset – 4:48 – Leo Carillo. Just under 300 miles(in the Prius, mind you).