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So, everybody blogs and then blogs about everybody blogging, right? Well, kinda…

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But this is really good and we are not saying that just because we know Mr. Brown personally.

Mr. Brown’s Blog

(c) Noe Montes

Shifting the thinking

(c) Eric Raptosh

Waste and lack of consistent recycling policies on shoots has long been an irritant.

Those little plastic bottles are just so wrong, as are the plastic utensils, paper coffee cups, styro-foam food containers. We suggested to the crew that we try to eliminate as much waste as possible. So on the next shoot (with a theme of Eco-Living, curiously enough…) we invited both cast and crew to bring their own water bottles and coffee cups. We brought cutlery, plates, cups and linen napkins, along with cotton towels for cleaning rather than paper towels. At the end of a 10-hour day, with a crew of 20, we were surprised and gratified to see that we had not even filled one trash or recycling bag.And that was just the small victories behind the scenes; the images are just stunning, great prop, set and wardrobe styling and gorgeous models. One of the best days ever!


(c) Eric Raptosh

The brief calls for authenticity, real relationships and respect. Gotta love Craigslist, people watching and street casting. We produced an urban lifestyle in a stunning loft DTLA with this vibrant gorgeous couple. Their energy and obvious love made the pictures, don’t you think?