Time Travel, Antique Cameras and of course, Bagpipes

The last year and change, NEAT has been an active partner in the new genre stock agency, Novel Expression. Diving into historic accuracy in wardrobe, costuming, talent and learning of the vast vertical market and enthusiastic community has been tremendous. This work has introduced me to Authors and Photographers alike working in this field. After a shoot for Novel Expression in the Spring, Jenn Leblanc asked if I would like to work with her to produce images for the latest in her  best-selling Lords of Time series. Jenn marries her talents as a story teller and image maker, creating impeccably and exhaustively researched images to illustrate her books.

Over months we worked, casting the perfect ‘Duke and Domina’, searching and procuring the perfect antique view cameras(of course our heroine is a photographer!), interviewing for the perfect H/MUA who understands styling for the Victorian Era (big shout out to Kim Distel). Two studios, three  shoots, building Victorian showers (look THAT one up!), all to the soundtrack provided by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (bagpipes can create the mood!), pages of spread sheet shot lists meticulously minded by Kati Rodriguez, Jenn’s assistant and thousands, I mean thousands of images..

Marrying images to words, creating and helping to ‘birth’ the world in her imagination, it was a pleasure immersing NEAT in the process. Often after a shoot, we may or may not see the finished result. When I received this lovely care package, I sat down with the requisite cuppa and delightfully immersed myself in the life and times of Grayson Locke Danforth and the mysterious Lulu. You should too! JENN!

Thanks Jenn!

As Alice tells us: