Six Months On…

We got a great note today from the folks at PIH – wanted to share it and give a shout out to the ongoing work they are doing…After the media leaves, after the volunteers have to go back to their lives. Partners in Health are still working hard to rebuild – Take a look.

Dear Ellen and Barbara,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with Partners In Health on the 6-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake that ripped through Haiti.  PIH relies on communities of supporters, like yourself, to raise awareness about PIH and to continue to grow the global health and social justice movement.

Coordinating, setting up, and running a photo shoot is such a large undertaking and a truly unique fundraising idea. “Headshots for Haiti” sounds like it was a wonderful way for involving people from all walks of life in your community in a really fun, enjoyable experience while increasing awareness for an incredible cause. It’s really great to hear such success stories from supporters who are able to employ their passion into raising awareness. Thank you so much for your commitment and dedication.


Ashley Ahlholm

Partners In Health

Hey, Ashley – Thank YOU and all at PIH!